Soroush Abolfathi, Jonathan Pearson


An experimental study has been conducted in a large scale basin at Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI). Simultaneous measurements of hydrodynamics using Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) and fluorescent tracer studies were undertaken within the surfzone under a regular wave condition with waves approaching the shore at 20. Through a series of hydrodynamic and tracer measurements and their comparison with the existing theoretical values, this study quantifies the physical processes and their integrated effects on a solute tracer in the nearshore zone subject to combined waves and the induced longshore currents. A theoretical dispersion model has been developed, adopting both experimental and theoretical velocimetry approaches. The results of theoretical model have been compared to the tracer data. Using the results from this study together with all known previous studies of dispersion measurements within the surfzone, good agreement exists.


Coastal Mixing; Surfzone; Oblique Waves; Pollution

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