Kasper Kaergaard, Simon B. Mortensen, Sten E. Kristensen, Rolf Deigaard, Rupert Teasdale, Shannon Hunt


In this study the use of a hybrid shoreline model, namely the Mike21FM Shoreline Model, has been applied to investigate the effectiveness of three different coastal protection schemes for Palm Beach in Southern Queensland, Australia. The yearly littoral drift on this shoreline is approximately 500,000 m3 to the north. The three coastal protection schemes are: Nourishment, Nourishment plus a submerged control structure and Nourishment plus artificial headlands. The coastal impact due to the three schemes is quantified and compared using the shoreline model. The results assisted the Gold Coast City Council in their decision on which option to bring forward to the detailed design phase.


hybrid shoreline model, Palm Beach, coastal management schemes, coastal protection, erosion

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