Ruben D. Kosyan, Joachim Grüne, Boris Divinsky, Igor Podymov


The ultimate purpose of sediment transport studies is the prediction of bottom relief in the zone of active wave effect accompanied by transport of significant sand volumes. The energetic longshore currents induced by the oblique wave approach, transport large amounts of sand lifted by waves from the sea bottom. This mass sediment transport and its variations finally determine the shore-line configuration and the location of accumulative and erosion areas on the underwater slope. Because of great practical significance, the problem of sediment transport has attracted much attention. When constructing theoretical models of suspended sediment mass transport by water flows, investigators have to face a number of difficulties. Modeling of the sediment transport is limited by the absence of clear physical mechanisms of sediment suspension. The main difficulties of the modeling are discussed in this report.


sediment transport; field experiments; suspended sediment concentration; bottom ripples

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