Gao Xiangyu, Dou Xiping, Gao Zhengrong, Ding Lei


Muddy coast is an important part of China's coast,Wave lifting sand and tide transporting sand are the main form of sediment movement on muddy coast. The sediment concentration becomes high during heavy storm wave. The high sediment concentration can produce serious effect on port and channel siltation. In the past, the experimental study is more on sand and silt concentration under breaking waves. In this paper, flume tests study the distribution characteristics of muddy concentration and mechanism of lifting sand under spilling waves, the gentle slope(1:200) is built in wave-current flume. The mud density is 1.35kg/L、1.40kg/L and 1.45kg/L respectively. The mud is from the trial tunnel of Xuwei channel. Research results show that the capacity of the breaking wave lifting sand and the mud density has strong nonlinear, and the sediment high concentration has been produced before wave breaking point,the maximum concentration near wave breaking point, Water stratification in the certain distance after wave breaking point, when muddy density is less than 1.45kg/L, and the characteristics of vertical distribution of muddy and silt concentration are non-uniform under breaking waves when the concentration is high near the bottom.


mud; sediment concentration distribution; breaking wave

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