Nobuaki Iwasaki, Toshiro San-nami, Takaaki Uda, Toshinori Ishikawa


Shoreline changes along the coasts between the Tenryu River mouth and Omaezaki Point facing the Pacific Ocean were investigated using aerial photographs. Beach has been eroded on the coast located near the east end of the coastline far from the river mouth. Although beach erosion on the nearby coasts to the Tenryu River mouth was triggered by the decrease in fluvial sand supply and the obstruction of longshore sand transport by a port breakwater, beach erosion on a coast far from the river mouth was due to the effect of ground subsidence associated with crustal movement, and partly due to the effect of windblown sand.


Ground subsidence; crustal movement; beach erosion; longshore sand transport

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v34.sediment.9