Seth Logan, Ioan Nistor, Andrew Cornett, Thierry Faure, Alain Drouin


This paper is presenting the results of an extensive field and numerical modeling investigation of a morphologically dynamic tidal inlet. Shippagan Gully is a tidal inlet located near Shippagan, New-Brunswick, Canada, on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. It is a particularly complex tidal inlet due to the fact that its tidal lagoon transects the Acadian peninsula and is open to the Bay des Chaleurs at its opposite end. As such, two open boundaries with phase lagged tidal cycles drive flow through the inlet, alternating direction with each tide and reaching velocities in excess of 2 m/s. Hydrodynamic and morphological processes at the site are further complicated by the presence of a highly variable wave climate. Presently, shipping practices through the inlet are limited due to continual sedimentation within and immediately offshore from Shippagan Gully. As such, an extensive field study, desktop analysis and numerical and morphological modeling of Shippagan Gully have been conducted in order to provide guidance for future works. Modeling was conducted using the CMS-Wave and CMS-Flow numerical modeling system. Sedimentation inside the inlet was shown to be ebb tide-induced deposition; while wave induced deposition was demonstrated elsewhere. The methodology and selected results of this study are presented herein.


tidal inlets; sediment transport; morphological modeling; coastal structures

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