Mehrdad Bozorgnia, Jiin-Jen Lee


In present paper, numerical code STAR CCM+ by CD-adapco which works based on compressible two-phase Navier Stokes equations is used to evaluate hydrodynamic forces exerted on prototype of I10 Bridge over Escambia Bay which was extensively damaged during Hurricane Ivan. Volume of Fluid (VOF) is used to capture dynamic free surface which is well suited for simulating complex discontinuous free surface associated with wave-deck interactions. 2D and 3D models were setup and properly configured. Simulations were conducted on High performance Computing and Communication Center (HPCC) at University of Southern California. Simulation results are compared to experimental data available from Hinsdale Wave Laboratory at Oregon State University. Comparison of experimental data to simulation results show the importance of proper mesh size and time step choice on accuracy of horizontal and vertical hydrodynamic force predictions applied to bridge superstructure.


Wave Structure Interaction; Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD); Escambia Bay Bridge

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