Frauke Wübbold, Matthias Hentschel, Michalis I. Vousdoukas, Bernardo Wagner


Beach topographic and hydrodynamic measurements are essential for coastal geology and engineering studies as well as sustainable coastal management. Standard approaches involve either time-consuming manual data acquisition usually with limited coverage or remote sensing techniques which are usually characterized by low resolution or increased costs. The present contribution reports the results from the application of the autonomous robot RTS-Hanna with a calibrated sensor setup including 3D laser range scanners, a camera, a Differential GPS and an inertial measurement unit which significantly facilitates field data collection. RTS-Hanna was tested at the Wadden Sea Barrier Island Langeoog, Northern Germany, for two days and was proven capable of autonomously collecting topographic scans. 175 GB of dense topographic and water surface elevation data were collected, including RBG images, while RTS-Hanna covered a total of 21 km of coastline in approximately 3 hours. Scans of the surf/swash zone allowed continuous measurements of topographic changes at the beachface, wave propagation velocities and wave breaking heights.


remote sensing; 3D laser range scanner; topographic measurements; hydrodynamic measurements; autonomous robot

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