Nicholas Grunnet, Sten Esbjørn Kristensen, Nils Drønen, Rolf Deigaard, Caroline Tessier, Nicolas Forain


A recently developed long-term morphological modeling concept is applied to evaluate the impact of nourishment schemes. The concept combines detailed two-dimensional morphological models and simple one-line models for the coastline evolution and is particularly well suited for long-term simulation. This hybrid concept is here applied to study the decadal morphological evolution of several nourishment scenarios in Dunkirk, France. The morphological simulations successfully allowed identifying the impact of beach versus shoreface nourishment scenarios on the background morphological behavior of the study site. This study strongly indicates that the hybrid model may be used as an engineering tool to predict shoreline response following the implementation of a nourishment project


morphological modeling; nearshore bars; beach nourishment

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