Nils Droenen, Rolf Deigaard


In the present paper we consider the adaptation of the Boussinesq wave model MIKE21 BW to the case of dune ero-sion. The process of dune front erosion and redistribution of the eroded dune material was described by two separate models. Erosion was modeled as an effect of direct impact from wave fronts on the dune front and subsequently slumping. Redistribution of the slumped material was modeled using a simple power law model connecting the depth integrated flow velocity with the local sediment transport. The paper presents three model tests. First the model was tested against Deltaflume experiment T01 showing a good overall agreement. Then the model was run for a number of numerical test cases: 1) Sensitivity to main parameters and 2) the effect of adding sand to the dune foot as a mean to protect the erosion.


Dune erosion; morphological modeling; Boussinesq

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