Gabriela Garcia-Rubio, David Huntley, Paul Russsell


Assessment of shoreline change during a six-year period using Satellite-Derived Shorelines (SDS) was carried out in Progreso, Yucatán, México. Confidence bounds for the SDS were defined based on the deviation between quasi-simultaneous in situ shoreline measurements and SDS. The main objective of this paper is to show that optical satellite images are a valuable resource to study shoreline change covering large geographical scales (>10km), as well as short (<1 month) and long (>5 years) temporal scales. This approach can be particularly useful for those areas with a lack of shoreline records. The results presented here show that detection of differences between seasons and years is achievable using SDS. Furthermore, rates of change are also possible to assess.


coastal monitoring; satellite optical images; coastal erosion; coastal management

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