Jose Francisco Sanchez-Gonzalez, Dolores M. Ortiz, Joaquin M. Garrido, Manuel Martin


This paper presents the results from a new set of 3-D physical model tests performed in a 6.5 m wide flume at the Centre for Harbour and Coastal Studies in Madrid. These results will contribute to enhance the existing knowledge obtained in previous studies. Among other variables, they cover concrete-cubes armours and the submergence is increased, with a higher model scale. Damage criterions are discussed and proposed for both types of armour. The latter takes into account the different damage growth observed between rock and cubes-armours. Lower thresholds are proposed for cubes in order to increase the safety, though still allowing some movements before considering the damage is reached.


submerged; rubble-mound breakwater; rock armour; concrete cubes; armour stability; damage

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