Hee Min Teh, Vengatesan Venugopal, Tom Bruce


The perforated free surface semicircular breakwater developed by Teh et al. (2010) was experimentally proven to be an effective anti-reflection structure with high energy dissipation ability. However, the performance characteristics of the breakwater deteriorated with a decrease in the immersion depth and an increase in wavelength. To enhance the performance of the breakwater with limited immersion depth, wave screens of different configurations and porosities were introduced below the free surface semicircular caisson. The hydrodynamic characteristics of these composite breakwaters were investigated in irregular waves using physical modelling. Comparisons of the experimental results showed that the semicircular caisson with a double screen of 25% porosity was a better breakwater configuration compared to that with a single screen. The extension of wave screen was also found to be particularly helpful in attenuating longer waves.


free surface breakwater; semicircular breakwater; wave screen; wave transmission; wave reflection; energy dissipation; horizontal wave forces

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