Douglas Pender, Harshinie Karunarathna


This paper presents a new combined statistical-process based approach for modeling storm driven, cross-shore beach profile response. The approach discussed here involves combining detailed statistical modeling of offshore storm data and a process based morphodynamic model (XBeach), to assess the medium to long-term morphodynamic response of cross-shore beach profiles. Up until now the use of process-based models has been curtailed at the storm event timescale. This approach allows inclusion of the post-storm recovery, in addition to individual event impacts, thus allowing longer-term predictions. The calibration of XBeach for modeling, both, storm induced erosion and post- storm recovery, taking Narrabeen Beach, NSW, Australia as a case study; and the approach used to combine XBeach with the statistical framework to develop the approach are discussed.


extreme storm statistics; XBeach; erosion and accretion; morphodynamics; medium-term beach change

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