Gisa Foyer, Hocine Oumeraci


Wave set-up is generally considered for the stability analysis of beaches, but not or not explicitly for the design of revetments. Based on large-scale model results with regular and irregular waves, it is shown in this paper that this is not justified. For this purpose, the wave set-up on a porous bonded revetment and the related internal set-up in the sand foundation below the revetment are analysed for different breaker types. The results particularly show that (i) considerable set-up values are obtained for almost all breaker types, (ii) a good correlation exists with the deep water wave length for both external and internal set-up and (iii) the internal set-up is significantly affected by the wave set-up on the slope. Empirical formulae for the prediction of the external and internal set-up are also proposed for both regular and irregular waves.


porous bonded revetment; wave set-up; wave set-down; internal set-up; breaker types

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