Tai-Wen Hsu, Yuan-Jyh Lan, Jian-Wu Lai, Yung-Han Cheng, Shan-Hwei Ou


The objective of the present study is to investigate the flow field for waves propagating over a submerged poro-elastic breakwater. Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurements were performed in wave conditions with breakwaters made of different materials. The experimental results were compared for various rigid and impermeable, elastic and impermeable, as well as poro-elastic cases. Measurements of wave reflection and transmission induced by soft and permeable submerged breakwaters are both carried out. The results show that the oscillatory motion of elastic submerged breakwater can induce extra reflective waves and result in a larger reflection coefficient. Positive (counterclockwise) and negative (clockwise) vortices are generated due to corner separation and pressure gradients. The negative vortex obtained in a poro-elastic breakwater is generated by the surface friction at the top of the structure. Because of the permeability, it is found that the negative vortex at the upstream side of the elastic and permeable case is smaller than that of the rigid and impermeable one. In contrast, the positive vortex at the downstream side of the poro-elastic case is larger than that seen with the other two cases. It is concluded that a poro-elastic breakwater would induce different wave reflections and flow patterns from those seen with the other cases due to its particular wave and structure interactions.


poro-elastic structure; submerged breakwater; wave; PIV measurements

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