Yalcin Yuksel, Selahattin Kayhan, Yesim Celikoglu, Kubilay Cihan


In recent years, dramatically increases in ship dimensions and installed engine power, introduction of new type of special purpose ships and use of roll-on/roll-of, ferries, container ships can cause damage which in many cases threatens to undermine berth structures. Vessel jets of these types of ships can change flow area and cause erosion and scour around foundation of berth structures. Due to the damages in berth structures maintenance and repair cost may increase and also cause management losses. For this reason vessel jet induced the flow area around the berth structures during ships berthing and un-berthing operations are extremely important factor for the port structure design. This study is related with investigation of the flow characteristics at the sea bed around the pile, experimentally. Vessel jets were simulated both as circular wall jet and also propeller jet. The objective of this study is to determine the sea bed shear stress and velocity profiles along the jet axis for open type wharf structures (around a cylindrical piles and also on the slopes). Hot film anemometers were used to measure the magnitude of the bed shear stresses. The results from propeller jet experiments explained the erosion over the slopes. Bed shear and velocity profile measurements were carried out on the rigid bed conditions.


quay structures; propeller jets; erosion

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