Gang Wang, Jin-Hai Zheng


It is generally accepted that there are transverse oscillation, which are concentrated and confined to the backwall and decay asymptotically offshore, existed in the harbor of constant slope, however, whether these oscillations can be induced by the normally incident waves is not clear. This numerical investigation aims at providing the subharmonic generations of transverse oscillations within the harbor of a plane slope by waves normally impacting on. For the harbor of perfectly plane slopes, the subharmonic transverse oscillations are small on the mild and moderate slopes but evident on the steep slope. This instability can take place only if the incident wave amplitude exceeds a threshold value, and transverse oscillations can even grow up to a larger value than that of longitudinal oscillations. The magnitudes of transverse oscillations are approximately the same, only their growth rates are affected by the incident wave amplitude.


Harbor Resonance; Transverse Oscillations; Instabilities; Numerical Experiments; Nonlinear Response

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