David J. Hanslow, Peter Nielson, Kevin Hibbert


Detailed mean water level measurements from the Brunswick River on the NSW North Coast have, to date, suggested that the contribution of wave setup to the super-elevation of river entrance water levels is quite small. Data indicate that the over heights inside the area of wave breaking in rivers are typically smaller than at the same depth in a beach surf zone with the same waves. It is thought that difference between beach surf zones and river mouths is due to the momentum flux of the river current and the current's influence on the wave breaking process. Nevertheless, tidal anomalies of the order 0.5m are measured once or twice a year by tide gauges just inside river entrances along the east coast of New South Wales. These anomalies are thought to be mainly due to freshwater outflow and/or oceanic phenomena.


setup; river entrances

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v25.%25p