S.M. Smith, P.D. Komar, K.J. Tillotson, W.G. McDougal, P. Ruggiero


Studies have been undertaken along the Oregon coast to better understand the processes involved in sea cliff erosion in order to develop improved predictions of the susceptibilities of properties to wave attack. A model has been developed that includes evaluations of extreme water elevations measured by tide gauges, calculations of wave run-up levels due to major storms, and a documentation of beach morphology variations that affect the wave run-up and determine the elevation of the junction between the beach and toe of the sea cliff. The occurrence of erosion depends on the combined water levels compared with the beach/cliff junction. All of these factors vary with time and also spatially along the coast. A program has been initiated to measure wave run-up on Oregon beaches ranging from reflective to dissipative in order to test the model predictions.


run up; cliff; erosion

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9753/icce.v24.%25p