Jea-Tzyy Juang


A study of the irregular wave runup and rundown phenomenon on rough impermeable slope is conducted in order to investigate the effects of various surface roughness to the wave runup-rundown activities based on various kind of dyke and incident wave conditions. The roughness of dyke surface was defined as fr which is functions of shape of the slender rectangular obstacles and its displacement distance. Results shows that the correlation between the relative significant runup height (RUs/Hs) and the incident wave steepness (Hs/L) have the same tendency either in regular or in irregular waves. The relative runup height has its maximum value when the dyke slope (cot#) near 2. Next, the runup characteristics in regular wave was agree well with the Rayleigh distribution but it is a little bit smaller than that the Rayleigh's in irregular wave. Besides, the strong correlation between the wave runup and the surf similarity parameter f was found. The decrease of the relative runup height with the increase of the surface roughness was got also. It may be useful to applied into the design work of the seawall.


run up; roughness; irregular wave; slope roughness

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v24.%25p