N.W.H. Allsop, R.J. Jones, P. Besley, C. Franco


This paper describes results from an unusual research project completed under Topic 3R2 of the European Union's MAST research project G6-S Coastal Structures. In this project, data were collected from the major European hydraulics laboratories on the hydraulic and structural responses of example rubble mound breakwaters and sea walls that each laboratory had previously studied in wave flume or wave basin tests. The main responses considered here are: a) Main armour stability, given by measurements of armour movement and/or displacement under wave action. b) Wave overtopping, described by the number of waves passing over the structure crest, or by the mean overtopping discharge; The paper describes some of the analysis of armour stability and hydraulic performance of these structures, and explores the potential to develop general conclusions from ad hoc studies. This paper develops some of the analysis described initially within the G6-S project by Allsop & Franco (1992), but also re-considers and revises some of the early analysis and initial conclusions.


rubble mound; rubble mound analysis

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