Antonio Lechuga, Jose Maria Medina Villaverde


The Punta Umbria spit is one of the most didactic case studies for spits which can be found along the Spanish coast. The problem the spit presents came to light in the past and has arisen once again causing difficulties for navigation in the channel. The solution adopted for the problem in the past was not totally correct from all points of view, as will be seen later in this study, and, for that reason, the problem has come up once again. Consequently, the then General Directorate for Ports and Coasts of the Ministry of Public Works and Urban Development3 commissioned the Centro de Estudios y Experimentaci6n de Obras Publicas (CEDEX, an autonomous organism of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport) to define the problem by making a report on the shore dynamics of the area. This report was undertaken in the facilities which the Ports and Coasts Research Center of the CEDEX has in Madrid.


Punta Umbria Spit; spit

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