M. de Boni, L. Cavaleri, A. Rusconi


The Rete Ondametrica Nazionale (RON) - the Italian Wave Measurement Network - is a system for recording directional wave motions along the Italian coasts, operational since 1st July 1989. The network includes eight wavec directional wave Datawell buoys and the corresponding landbased receiving stations. Following an international tender, the Ministry of Public Works appointed TEI SpA for the design and management for the network and for data processing. Following the reorganization of the National Technical Services, the responsibility for the network and its activities has been transferred to the Italian Hydrographic and Tidal Service ("Servizio Idrografico e Mareografico, (SIM)"- under the aegis of the 'Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri" (President of the Ministries Council), a special parliamentary body. After three years of continuous operations (1989-1992), it is now possible to make a preliminary general account of the venture, analysing in particular the following aspects: • Reliability of the technical solutions and efficiency of the network management system; • Scientific and technological applications of statistical data; • Use of the data in wind-waves numerical modelling for the Mediterranean Sea;. • Prospectives of development and follows-up.


Italy; wave measurement network; wave measurement

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