Gary L. Howell


A field directional wave gage has been developed for requirements in coastal, port, and harbor engineering. Uses include planning and design studies, long term wave climatology, and post construction monitoring. The gage provides high quality directional wave spectra measurements from a compact, easily installed instrument. Stand alone installation with long term internal data recording is provided. Real time data access may be simultaneously provided by connecting a cable. The gage is completely bottom mounted with no surface components. Optimized for shallow and intermediate water depths required by coastal engineers, the gage may be reliably deployed in water depths too shallow for buoys or acoustic instruments. The sensors are three high resolution pressure transducers that permit the mounting frame to be resistant to fishing activities. Reliable data storage and long term deployment are achieved by performing preliminary data analysis within the instrument. Intermediate analysis results are recorded on reliable non-volatile solid state memory. The recorded data may be post processed to obtain simple estimates of mean water level, wave height, period, and direction. If desired, the Fourier series coefficients of the directional spectrum may be computed from the intermediate data. Optionally, modern high resolution methods may be used.


wave gauge; directional wave gauge

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v23.%25p