Ho-Shong Hou


The design of breakwater in deep water requires a reliable assessment of the forces, it will be subjected to and full understanding of the behaviour of the structure. Wave forces on a vertical wall caisson of composite breakwater vary with the configuration of the rubble mound foundation as well as the condition of incident waves. If the conditions are very unfavorable, powerful impact breaking wave forces may act on the vertical wall caisson. It is an important subject to clarify the generation conditions of impact breaking wave forces, so that the breakwater under design would not be exposed to a very strong breaking wave force. The present study points out on the basis of the experimental results for the typical example of slided caisson that careful attention should be paid to the possibility of the generation of impact breaking wave forces in the design of composite breakwater. The generation conditions are investigated by the two dimensional experiments on the variation of wave forces due to the configuration of rubble mound and the three-dimensional experiments on the effect incident wave angle to the breakwater, the impact breaking wave forces are easily be produced on the vertica1-wa 11 caisson, where the mound is relatively high and has an appropriately broad crest width. If the generation of impact breaking wave forces are unavoidable owing to the breakwater configuration, provision of an appropriate wave dissipating work in front of the caisson is recommended to alleviate the method of calculation of design wave forces on the caisson covered with wave dissipating concrete blocks and the wave dissipating caisson with a permeable front wall.


wave forces; breakwater; deep water; deep water breakwater

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