K.W. Pilarczyk, J. van Overeem, W.T. Bakker


An artificial beach nourishment used to replenish an eroding part of a coast may seem expensive and the need for repetition may discourage coastal managers. However, careful considerations of capital and maintenance cost frequently prove that it may be, in fact, the optimum solution. An added advantage is that the recreational function of the beach is preserved. In spite of a great number of research-reports and publications on coastal processes and beach nourishment, the practical applicability of this knowledge is still in an initial stage, i.e. formulating the general concepts and trying to test their validity and practical applicability. On the other hand, the solution of many practical coastal engineering problems cannot wait until complete understanding of these processes and the existing knowledge on this subject (though limited) should be made available for designers and managers involved in coastal engineering. This was the main reason for the Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Public Works Department) to prepare a manual on artificial beach nourishment. In 1983, this Department established the task-group 'Profile Formation of Beaches', with the aim to study the relevant aspects of beach nourishment. These aspects concern among other things the influence of a beach fill on the coastal morphology and the environment, and the design and execution of a beach nourishment scheme. The members of the task-group originate from various governmental departments, research institutes (Delft Hydraulics) and private organisations (Volker Stevin Dredging, Zanen Verstoep Dredging Contractors). In addition to the members of the working-group some other persons and organizations (also outside the Netherlands) have contributed to the final report. The results of the studies have been described in a Manual on Beach Nourishment (Manual, 1986). This manual contains both theoretical and practical information, and is intended for persons and organisations who are involved in the prevention of beach erosion. Nearly all available and relevant literature to this subject has been incorporated. The actual paper reviews part of the contents of the Manual and summarizes aspects related to the aim, the different types and the design process of beach nourishment schemes.


beach nourishment; nourishment scheme; nourishment design

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