N.V.M. Oud, T. Baxter


The paper describes the constituent parts of a combined field and mathematical model investigation into the processes causing siltation in the Port of Brisbane. It describes the methods of collecting and using field data and laboratory results in conjunction with a variety of mathematical models which were employed to simulate and predict the interaction of tidal and fluvial flows, saline intrusion and sediment transport in the Brisbane tidal river. A newly developed X-Z-T model was used to simulate the unsteady patterns of mud transport and siltation resulting from the interaction of tidal flows with short flashy fluvial floods, which are the main cause of shoaling in the Port. The paper discusses the structuring of the investigation which involved a carefully phased schedule of desk, field, laboratory and mathematical model investigations with the aim of solving the problem with minimum effort and cost. The paper does not discuss predictions.


Brisbane; port; siltation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v17.%25p