J.A. Zwamborn, D.E. Bosman, J. Moes


Information is presented on 38 dolos projects in various parts of the world. Some of the data were collected by means of questionnaires and the remainder are based on publications, reports and personal visits. Information is given on design conditions, structure details, model tests and site experiences. Past dolos research is discussed briefly. Present experience of damage to various dolos structures is described, particularly that to the 2 km long Sines main breakwater. The results are discussed of research initiated by differences in accepted design and model test conditions and the recent dolos failures. This research concerned dolos packing densities, dolos movements (damage criteria) and structural failure of armour units. There is little doubt that dolosse will be used effectively and economically, in the future for many small and medium-sized coastal structures. However, special attention will have to be given to deep-water structures of any kind, with regard to representative design conditions, the effect of the larger waves in the spectrum and the possibility of structural failure of armour units. A few practical suggestions are made for the design of safer dolosse, in the interim, but it is recommended that a major effort be made to collect reliable data on existing structures as well as to develop representative and, preferably, standardized design and model test techniques.


dolos; past, present, and future

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