R.J. Lloyd


A significiant beach restoration scheme has been implemented at the coastal resort of Noosa in South-East Queensland. The scheme which cost $1,400,000 involved sand nourishment, dune stabilisation works and the relocation of the entrance to the Noosa River using sand pumping techniques. The effect of the scheme has been to greatly improve the quality of the main surfing beach at Noosa as a recreational facility and to provide much needed protection to a canal estate development which had been constructed within the Noosa River estuary close to the river entrance. The successful implementation of this scheme also demonstrates that practical solutions to beach erosion problems are available and that sand pumping techniques may be used to economic advantage where relocation or closure of a river entrance is required and where local conditions and analysis indicate that such techniques can be applied. Photograph 1 shows the completed restoration scheme.


beach restoration; Noosa Beach; restoration plan

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