R.J. Seymour, C.G. Gable


The Nearshore Sediment Transport Study (NSTS) is a multi-institutional research program with the objective of developing improved engineering predictive models for transport of sediment. both longshore and cross shore, by waves and currents. The program is sponsored by the Office of Sea Grant (OSG), an agency of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). A general introduction to the objectivesi schedule and organization of the NSTS program was presented at the 16th ICCE by Seymour and Duane (1979). Shortly after the Hamburg Conference, the first major field experiment was conducted at Torrey Pines Beach. California, in November, 1978. The second major experiment was conducted 14 months later in February, 1980 at Leadbetter Beach, in Santa Barbara, California. Each of these experiments involved levels of measurement intensity that appear to exceed by a large factor those of any similar work. Because of the large data sets obtained and the importance of these data to other investigators in coastal processes, the NSTS project is making them available promptly. In the following sections, a general description will be given for each of these experiments and information supplied on how the data may be obtained.


experimental study; sediment transport; nearshore transport

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