A.I. Kuznetsov, G.D. Khaskhatchikh


At the present time sea wave is described by means of two theoretical models, the first is based on regular waves, components of which do not change in time and space, and the second model is based on irregular waves, components of which are randomly changed. The latter coincides to the greater extent with the rolling sea, but even this model does not characterize it to the fullĀ» Taking sea wave for a random process, the model of irregular waves does not take into account the sequence of their alternation. Prom the point of view of probability, on which the model of irregular waves is based, the maximum wave may be followed by the minimum wave, and the greater period may be followed by the smallest one. The real sea wave, especially in shore zone, where the main engineering constructions are placed, is characterized by clearly expressed group structure, which includes alternation of a number of great and small waves and the maximum wave is always followed by the wave having almost the same parameters.


wave group; load analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v16.%25p