D.N. Foster, B.L. McGrath, W. Bremner


The Queensland Harbours and Marine Department is charged with the responsibility of providing small craft facilities throughout the State. In 1964, the Department engaged a firm of consulting engineers, Blain, Bremner and Williams Pty. Ltd. to prepare a preliminary report on possible boat harbour sites between Yeppoon and Port Alma on the Central Queensland Coast. Five sites were evaluated according to the following criteria:- (i) Degree of protection afforded (ii) Tidal access (iii) Degree of maintenance dredging anticipated (iv) Capital cost necessary to establish the harbour and the ability to construct the harbour in stages (v) Availability of foreshore area for development (vi) Accessibility by road transport and to established amenities (vii) Availability of suitable quarry material The recommendation that the most suitable site would be at Rosslyn Bay (Figures 1 & 2) was accepted and approval to commence construction was obtained. A 105m rubble mound rock breakwater was constructed in 1968. The breakwater was extended to 210m in 1970 and was further extended to 300m in 1972. In 1976 tropical cyclone 'David' extensively damaged the breakwater and harbour facilities. Subsequently the breakwater has been redesigned following model studies and reconstruction was completed in May 1978. This paper discusses damage to the breakwater from wave and surge action, model studies and repair of the breakwater.


breakwater; Rosslyn Bay; Queensland

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