Enrique Copeiro


The most generally used procedure for estimating the extremal distribution of ge_o physical variates consists in obtaining a sample of extreme values (for instance a number of annual maxima) and fitting to them a distribution function. One of the main problems - involved in this procedure is the choice of the type of distribution adequate in each case. No general agreement exists, to date, for any geophysical variate. This means a serio us trouble because of the wide range of extrapolations which can usually be obtained by - using different functions. Some of the authors who have tackled this problem have adopted a strictly empirical point of view, going as far in it as to advise to make a choice for each particular case, according to the goodness-of-fit obtained when several types of dis tribution functions are fitted to the sample. Others have instead tried to base the choices on some theoretical foundation, placing less emphasis in the goodness of the fits and generally suggesting the use of one or other of the three well known Asymptotic Extremal Distributions.


extreme wave height; wave height prediction; significant height

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9753/icce.v16.%25p