Slit-type Breakwater; Box-type Wave Absorber

Shoshichiro Nagai, Shohachi Kakuno


A box-type wave absorber, which is composed of a perforated vertical front-wall and a perforated, horizontal bottom-wall, has been proved by a number of experiments to show lower coefficients of reflection and more distinguished reduction of wave pressures than the perforated vertical- wall breakwater. A breakwater of composite-type, which is 1500 m long and to be built at a water depth of 10 to 11 m below the Datum Line in the Port of Osaka, is being designed to set this new type of wave absorber in the concrete caissons of the vertical-walls which is named "a slit-type breakwater". The typical cross-section of the breakwater and the advantages of the slit-type breakwater are presented herein.


breakwater; slit breakwater; wave absorber; box type wave absorber

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