Charles L. Bretschneider, Pieter G. Wybro


This paper concerns the run-up and inundation characteristics of tsunami surges. The forces and moments produced by the waves are not discussed, however, the proposed technique does provide the necessary information for their determination. The method relies on the knowledge of the wave elevation at the coast (as determined from historical data or other means) and an estimation of the bed roughness. The considerations and calculations involved in determining these parameters are discussed in detail. Twenty-four observed run-ups on the island of Hawaii in the case of the 1946 Aleutian tsunami, and 18 run-ups on the island of Maui for the Chilean 1960 tsunami are used to illustrate the technique. Methods are also presented to predict the shoreline heights and extent of inundation of tsunami surges where historical data is not available.


tsunami; tsunami prediction; tsunami inundation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v15.59