Yu. M. Krylov, S.S. Strekalov, V. Ph. Tsyloukhin


The study of wind waves is usually carried out in the following manner. At the first moment a homogenous wind field with the constant speed directed from the shore to the basin is occurred over the water surface restricted by a straight shore line. It is required to calculate statistic wave characteristics as functions of time and distance from the shore. When solving the problem in such a way the explorers [.1-6 ~] usually came to a conclusion of the system development of gravitational waves with a main energy maximum the amplitude and period of which rise in process developing from small magnitudes to limiting values. Some explorers noted that the two -or three-wave systems under the conditions of constant wind are available. The first results of this theory were obtained by L.Ph. Tytov. In studies of stereophotographs of sea waves he noted and described quantitatively two types of waves: "prevailing" and "large", f7l I* is possible to show that the first type of waves has a phase speed that is less than wind speed, and the second one is equal to wind speed. At a later time G.Neumann [6J generalizing results of ocean observations has come to the conclusion that under the action of constant wind three "specific" wave systems which have phase speeds less, equal and 1.2 more than the speed of wind are developed. However, Tytov's and Neumann's results didn't receive a progress, and later on they were substituted by the conception of continuous wave spectrum with one energy maximum £3-6J • Nevertheless, the opinions of availability of two-or three-wave systems as a typical feature of wind rough sea [8,9] were published in the press.


wave field; wind field; wind waves

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