Yvon Ouellet


In the light of tests on breakwater armor units conducted at Laval University on behalf of the Department of Public Works of Canada, a discussion on various factors involved in model tests on breakwater armor units is presented in comparison with previous studies made on the subject. Tests have been carried out on natural stones, tetrapods and mainly dolosse. Various factors whether they pertain to waves or to the structure are analysed in view of the factors resulting from the interaction of both of them, that is stability of the armor units, damage to the structure or run up of the facing. These factors are the ones for which model tests are conducted. The interpretation of results for the given test conditions should not be evaluated without considering possible scale effects. From the analysis of test results presented by different investigators, a need for the standardization of test results became apparent. Recommendations are made concerning the presentation of results for their future use in engineering design. A standard weight of 100 grs with a standard length of 100 cms for model values are proposed to present the results on a diagram showing significant wave height versus damage, where damage should be expressed in terms of the number of units displaced in the area between + the wave height giving 1% damage.


model test; breakwater design

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