M.P. O'Brien


The Canadian Organizing Committee, the Vancouver Executive Committee and the National Research Council of Canada have done a superb job in planning this conference and in carrying out the enormous amount of detail necessary for its realization. On behalf of the Coastal Engineering Research Council, the other participating organizations, and all of the attendees I thank most heartily all who participated in this work. I am personally most grateful to those representatives of the Canadian Committee who made the final selection of papers. I should explain at this point that a small papers Committee is appointed for each of these conferences to review the summaries submitted by the authors - but this screening is intended only to appraise their appropriateness for a coastal engineering audience - and to eliminate those few papers which are promotional "blurbs". It has not been a technical review such as is made for "refereed" technical and scientific journals. The number of papers submitted for this Conference passing this simple review far exceeded the reasonable limits of the program - and for a brief period the Papers Committee faced the new and distasteful task of selection among papers acceptable under past standards. However, the problem was handled by the Canadian Committee - applying a formula which seemed equitable and reasonable. I trust that those affected concur in this judgment.


comments; coastal engineering

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