HI-DRO CUSHION CAMEL-a new floating fender concept

D.B. Young, B.O. Young, G.W. Walker


A new floating fender devise designed to absorb berthing energies of ships against piers or harbor structures is described The principles governing the design and operation of the Hi-Dro Cushion Camel are reviewed The materials used in construction and the results of testing on the prototype are also explained and illustrated. Cost data and other information are given to permit evaluation and economic comparison with other systems. The Hi-Dro Cushion Camel consists of rectangularly arranged thin-walled plastic cylinders grouped in clusters in a sandwich between two structural diaphragms The cylinders are submerged in water and are completely enclosed except for an air vent hole and pressure regulating orifice The orifice controls the pressure build up and water release as the tube walls are pushed together at varying velocities. The ability of the device to adapt to variations in vessel displacement, pier flexibility and berthing velocities, is also discussed.


fender design; fender concept; HI-DRO CUSHION CAMEL

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.9753/icce.v11.%25p