F.L. Terrett, J.D.C. Osorio, G.H. Lean


The breakwater proposed for a yacht harbour on the Sussex coast of England comprises a solid base up to the level of low water and a cellular structure, having a perforated front wall and solid backwall, above low water level. A model of the breakwater (scale 1:48) was tested m a flume at the Hydraulics Research Station, Wallmgford, and measurements were made of wave reflections and wave forces. For comparison force measurements were also made on a solid faced breakwater. The reflection tests were carried out with waves of normal incidence and at 1+5 to the breakwater for waves (prototype) m the range h to 15 seconds and up to 15 ft. in height. The results are presented in graphical form and a simplified analysis Is put forward to explain them. The force measurements were made for 7 and 10 second waves (prototype) up to 22 ft. in height. The results are presented as a non-dimensional plot with envelope curves of maximum force. The results are also given of stability tests on a rock mound against the solid base of the breakwater.


breakwater design; model study; perforated breakwater

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