Alessandra Romolo, Felice Arena


A closed-form solution of free surface displacement and velocity potential for nonlinear short-crested (3D) wave groups interacting with a reflective sea wall is presented. The theory is applied to investigate the fluctuation wave pressures when an exceptionally high crest or deep trough occurs on the reflective wall. A characteristic behaviour has been observed. Due to non-linearity, on one hand, great reduction of the highest crest and enhancement of the deepest troughs on wave pressures are realized; on the other hand, the profiles show always a strong asymmetry between the absolute maxima and the minima and sometimes the formation of characteristic humped wave pressures corresponding to the impact on the structure of the highest wave crest. All the theoretical results have been validated through a small-scale field experiment carried out at the Natural Ocean Engineering Laboratory (N.O.E.L., www.noel.unirc.it) of Reggio Calabria (Italy).


nonlinear sea wave; reflection; short-crested wave groups; wave pressure; sea wall; upright breakwater

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