Gosse Jan Steendam, Jentsje W. van der Meer, Bianca Hardeman, André van Hoven


In 2009 tests have been performed at the Afsluitdijk, the closure dike of Lake IJssel in the Netherlands. This dike has a sand core covered by layers of clay and boulder clay, and a grass cover. In 2010 succeeding tests were performed at a river dike near Zwolle. This dike was a sand dike with a grass cover. In all of these tests research was performed on the behaviour of the grass cover on the landward slope of the dikes. Furthermore, the influence on erodibility of the grass cover caused by damage of the grass cover by mice, moles or other influences like tractor tracks were investigated. Also the influence of obstacles or other elements, which may be present at dikes, was part of the investigations (tree, stairs, fence, maintenance road). It was observed that all of these influences are to some extent contributing to a decrease of the resistance against failure.


dikes; levees; prototype tests; overtopping; wave overtopping simulator; grass erosion

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