Xiuying Xing, Jiin-Jen Lee, Fredric Raichlen


Wave induced oscillation at Bay of Fundy has been studied using a numerical model. From the response characteristics obtained it is seen that the fundamental mode of oscillation at the Bay of Fundy region coincides with the tidal period. The resonant mode of oscillation at the tidal period (12.42 hr) helps explain why Bay of Fundy has the largest tidal range in the world. The numerical results compared well with the tidal records at thirteen tide gauge stations in Bay of Fundy. Discussion also includes numerical results and field measurements at Crescent City harbor and at Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor to show the relationship of the characteristic length of the harbor basin with the resonant periods computed and measured. It is found that the resonant phenomena at these three harbors occurred on normal days although they are very different in size.


Harbor Resonance; Resonant mode; Wave Induced Oscillation; Long Wave; Bay of Fundy

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