Mehrdad Bozorgnia, Jiin-Jen Lee, Frederic Raichlen


In present paper, a numerical wave load model based on compressible two-phase Navier Stokes type equations is used to evaluate hydrodynamic forces exerted on I-10 bridge across Mobil Bay which was extensively damaged during Hurricane Katrina. The volume of fluid method (VOF) is used in the model to describe dynamic free surface which is capable of simulating complex discontinuous free surface associated with wave-deck interactions. Special emphasis was put on investigating the role of entrapped air on hydrodynamic forces exerted on bridge superstructure. Numerical simulation results indicate that air entrapment can significantly amplify uplift forces applied to the bridge superstructure. To mitigate hydrodynamic forces, effectiveness of airvents is investigated. It has been shown that airvents can significantly damp out wave energy and can effectively reduce uplift forces.


effect of air entrapment and entrainment on hydrodynamic forces; air vents; bridge deck retrofitting

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