Sergiu Dov Rosen


This paper presents the outcome of a coastal engineering hydro and morpho-dynamic model study using a number of
numerical models which was conducted by the author on the erosion state of the Mediterranean coast of Israel for a
time horizon of 100 years. The study assessed future sea levels, and compared wave setup and runup and beach
profile erosion at the coastal cliffs in order to determine the relative sensitivity of the various coastal sectors of the
Israeli shore. Finally it investigated measures and means for effective the mitigation of the forecasted beach and cliff
erosion. The study was carried out as part of a multi disciplinary work involving various additional disciplines, and
was used to establish a national policy document in regards to the coastal cliffs collapse and erosion by natural and
anthropogenic induced factors, including global warming induced sea level rise and reduced return period of extreme
events. The approach and outcomes are estimated to be useful for coasts of similar conditions elsewhere on the globe.


sea level rise; wave setup; erosion; cliffs; wave climate;

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