Dominic Alexander van der A, Jan S Ribberink, Jebbe J van der Werf, Tom O'Donoghue


Many existing practical sand transport formulae for the coastal marine environment are restricted to limited ranges of hydrodynamic and sediment conditions. This paper presents a new practical formula for net sand transport induced by non-breaking waves and currents, and currents alone. The formula is based on the semi-unsteady, half wave-cycle concept, with bed shear stress as the main forcing parameter. Unsteady phase-lag effects between velocities and concentrations are accounted for, which are especially important for rippled bed and fine sand sheet-flow conditions. Recently recognized effects on the net transport related to flow acceleration skewness and progressive surface waves are also included. The formula is calibrated against a large dataset of net transport rate measurements from oscillatory flow tunnels and a large wave flume covering a wide range of flow and sand conditions. Good agreement is obtained between observations and predictions, and its validity is shown for bedload dominated steady flow conditions.


sediment transport formula; sheet flow, ripples; oscillatory flow; non-breaking waves

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