Peter Wellens, M.J.A. Borsboom, M.R.A. van Gent


COMFLOW is a general 3D free-surface flow solver. The main objective in this paper is to extend the solver with a
permeable flow model to simulate wave interaction with rubble-mound breakwaters. The extended Navier-Stokes
equations for permeable flow are presented and we show the discretization of these equations as they are implemented in
COMFLOW. An analytical solution for the reflection coefficient of a permeable structure is derived and the numerical
model is compared to the solution. In addition, a validation study has been performed, in which we compare the numerical
results with an experiment. In the experiment, pressures and surface elevations are measured inside a permeable structure.
The measurements are represented well by the simulation results. At the end, a 3D application of the model is shown.


VOF; 3D Navier-Stokes, permeability; rubble-mound breakwater; 3D simulations

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.9753/icce.v32.structures.28