Magnus Per Larson, Tsuguo Sunamura, Li Erikson, Atilla Bayram, Hans Hanson


A model was developed to calculate the evolution of a notch in a dune or cliff due to wave impact. Analytical solutions were derived to the model for schematized conditions regarding forcing and dune/cliff properties. Comparisons were made with laboratory experiments where the time evolution of the notch was measured. Values of the transport coefficients in the analytical solutions were determined by least-square fitting the solutions to the laboratory data. Some of these coefficients could be related to the ratio between parameters describing the forcing and the dune/cliff strength. The evolution of the dune notch displayed a linear behavior at short times, whereas the cliff notch showed a more complex response for cases where a feedback between the notch and a beach formed seaward of the cliff occurred.


erosion; cliff erosion; notching; analytical model; laboratory experiments

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