Betsy S. Hicks, Nobuhisa Kobayashi, Jack A. Puleo, Ali Farhadzadeh


A numerical and experimental investigation of profile evolution was completed on a laboratory gravel beach. A total of four tests were completed on a gravel beach constructed in a small-scale wave flume, with different incident wave conditions and initial beach slopes. The tests allowed for an examination of erosional, accretional, and migratory bar conditions as well as how the differences affected the final quasi-equilibrium profiles. Profile evolution and hydrodynamic data were collected for comparison with the time- and depth- averaged numerical model CSHORE. The numerical formulations developed for damage progression on a stone armor layer were found to predict the profile evolution on the steeper test conditions but required modifications to the bedload formula to better predict the accretional and bar migration tests.


gravel beach; profile evolution; bed load; numerical model

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